AG/CAD Limited are the manufacturers of KASEMAKE packaging design CAD software and suppliers of digital cutting equipment. An integrated solution designed to lower costs, improve efficiency and generate sales for our customers.

KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software is an award winning packaging design CAD solution. It features: unique 2D drafting tools; parametric FEFCO and ECMA style libraries; stunning 3D preview and animation capabilities; comprehensive exchange formats; easy design editing; integral database and project management. Used by thousands of designers across the world, KASEMAKE is considered the foremost packaging design system available whether you are designing for carton, corrugated board or structural design board.

AG/CAD also supply digital cutting systems, from our own KM7 series of digital cutters, which are perfect for sample making and short production runs, to the DYSS X7 range of full production ready machines with options for conveyors and sheet feeders. All our cutters are available with the optional K-Cut automatic camera registration system.

The KASEMAKE family of products are designed to work seamlessly together, to make your business more competitive.
Established in 1985 and based in the UK, we support customers internationally.


Visit our website at www.agcad.co.uk


Packaging Design Software, CAD, Digital Cutting


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